teeth cleaning

Regular, professional teeth cleanings are an essential component of oral health care and overall wellness. Getting a teeth cleaning and dental exam every six months allows your dentist to review your teeth and gums, see if there have been any changes, and deliver recommendations for preventive care that can ward off major dental problems. Rely on Dr. Mehrdad Safavian and his dental team at Capitol Square Dental in Columbus, OH, for the very best dental care.

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning

Several important things happen during a teeth cleaning, and they are all essential for maintaining your oral health. Here’s what to expect:

  • Teeth cleaning: The dental hygienist scrapes away plaque and tartar, then polishes and flosses your teeth until they shine. You may take great care of your teeth at home, but there is no substitute for the special tools and eyes of your hygienist who can reach all the spots where tooth decay can easily hide. This step takes up the bulk of your teeth cleaning.
  • Dental exam: Your Columbus dentist will review your entire mouth for signs of gum disease, gum recession, tooth decay, cracks, chips, break, and other problems. Seeing your dentist regularly will ensure that your teeth get expert eyes on them regularly too, and any developing problems are addressed before they become a serious issue.
  • Oral cancer screening: This quick but critical screening is designed to help your dentist look for lumps, bumps, and suspicious areas so oral cancer can be identified as early as possible. He will examine your tongue, lips, cheeks, palate, neck, and throat. This screening can save your life.
  • Consultation: During your teeth cleaning, you get valuable time with your dentist who can tell you whether might qualify for cosmetic dentistry, what’s involved in Invisalign treatment, if a smile makeover is right for you, and more. This is the time to voice your concerns or questions and get suggestions and recommendations.
  • Digital x-rays: Ideally, digital x-rays are taken once a year. This allows your dentist to see what’s going on under the gumline, which can stop tooth decay, infections, and root problems in their tracks.
  • Fluoride treatments: At every pediatric teeth cleaning, easy fluoride treatments are administered to the biting surface of erupted molars to prevent the development of cavities. Adults with reoccurring tooth decay problems can also request this treatment.

The Importance of Preventive Dental Care

Professional teeth cleanings are the foundation of good oral health. If you see your dentist every six months and brush and floss well at home every day, you are doing the right things to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Preventive dental care in the form of teeth cleanings and dental checkups help prevent problems from developing and catch and manage problems before they get worse. You don’t have to do all the hard work on your own – your dentist and hygienist see what you can’t, diagnose what you never could, and fix what might cause you pain, discomfort, or serious dental problems.

Get a Teeth Cleaning from Your Columbus Dentist

At Capitol Square Dental in Columbus, OH, Dr. Safavian and his dental team welcome patients of all ages and at every stage of life. Our goal is to help you establish and maintain excellent oral health permanently, no matter what kind of dental care you need.

Prioritize yourself by prioritizing your teeth and gums. Proactively keeping your mouth healthy helps prevent dental issues. Plus, clean, polished teeth look shining and amazing – and that will make you feel great about yourself. Contact us to schedule your teeth cleaning for yourself or all the members of your family.