At Capitol Square Dental, we understand the power of a confident smile. Discoloration and staining can take a toll on your self-esteem, affecting how you present yourself to the world. Luckily, professional teeth whitening from Capitol Square Dental in Columbus, OH, offers a safe and effective solution to achieve a brighter, whiter smile.

Our skilled dental staff uses modern whitening treatments to eliminate stubborn stains and brighten your teeth by many shades. Whether you're looking for a quick in-office treatment or a convenient at-home option, we have a teeth whitening solution tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that whitens tooth surfaces. Teeth will not be sparkling white, but they will be somewhat whiter without compromising the integrity of the tooth's surface. Teeth whitening results are often temporary, lasting from a few months to up to three years. However, the duration of these effects varies depending on the individual.

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What are Various Types of Tooth Discoloration?

For effective teeth whitening, selecting the right method is crucial, tailored to the specific type of staining you have. Understanding whether your stains are intrinsic or extrinsic will guide you in choosing the most suitable whitening approach.

Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic stains originate within the enamel of your teeth. These stains may develop even before your teeth emerge during childhood. Factors such as antibiotic usage, excessive fluoride exposure, natural thinning of enamel with age, and, intriguingly, genetic predispositions can contribute to intrinsic staining, as per findings from a 2014 study.

Extrinsic Stains

On the other hand, extrinsic stains occur on the surface of your teeth, resulting from exposure to external factors that cause discoloration. Common culprits include coffee, artificial food colorings, and tobacco use. Interestingly, similar to intrinsic stains, extrinsic discoloration may also be associated with antibiotic use, as indicated in the research.

Teeth Whitening Options in Columbus, OH

At Capitol Square Dental, we understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to teeth whitening. We offer a variety of treatment options to cater to your specific needs and goals. Here are some of the most popular choices:

In-Office Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, your dentist offers a fast track to a brighter smile. Unlike at-home kits, professional whitening treatments utilize significantly stronger bleaching solutions, ensuring more effective results. Additionally, dentists have access to advanced tools such as heat, light, or a combination of both, which accelerate and enhance the whitening process.

Experience the most dramatic transformation in just a few in-office visits, typically lasting between 30 to 60 minutes each. With this approach, teeth can brighten by three to eight shades, revitalizing your smile with remarkable speed and efficiency. For those seeking immediate results, some dentists offer techniques that can achieve significant whitening in a single 2-hour appointment.

At Home Teeth Whitening

Home teeth whitening options abound, providing a variety of choices to brighten your smile without a visit to the dentist. Here are some popular methods:

  • Tooth Whitening Strips and Gels: These peroxide-based products are applied directly to the teeth using a brush or thin strip. Typically, they require once or twice daily application for 10 to 14 days. Results can lighten your teeth by a shade or two, lasting for four months or more.
  • Tray-Based Tooth Bleaching Systems: This method requires filling a mouthguard-like tray with a peroxide-based whitening gel or paste. The tray is then placed over the teeth for one to several hours daily, spanning up to 4 weeks. Tray-based systems can be purchased over-the-counter or custom-fitted by your dentist.
  • Tooth Whitening Toothpaste: While all toothpaste aids in stain removal due to their mild abrasiveness, whitening toothpaste go a step further. They contain chemicals or polishing agents designed to scrub away stains without the use of bleaching agents. These toothpastes are affordable and can brighten teeth by approximately one shade. Some may contain peroxides, but their brief contact with the teeth limits their whitening effectiveness.
  • Whitening Rinses: These hydrogen peroxide-containing products are swished around the mouth for 60 seconds twice a day. While they may only produce a subtle whitening effect, consistent use can make teeth appear slightly brighter over time.
  • Whitening Chewing Gums: Chewable whitening gums are handy for preventing stains after consuming substances like tobacco, coffee, or tea. While they won't provide significant whitening on their own, they can help maintain the brightness of your smile between other whitening treatments.

Why Choose Capitol Square Dental for Teeth Whitening in Columbus, OH?

  • Experienced and Caring Team: Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in teeth whitening procedures. We put your comfort and pleasure first, guaranteeing a great experience throughout the process.
  • Personalized Treatment Options: We provide a choice of teeth whitening treatments to meet your specific requirements and preferences. Whether you prefer in-office whitening for dramatic results or a convenient at-home option, we have a solution for you.
  • Safe and Effective Techniques: We only use the latest, most advanced teeth whitening products and techniques that are proven to be safe and effective. Your oral health is our top priority, and we will never recommend a treatment that could harm your teeth.
  • Convenient Scheduling: We provide various appointment hours to fit your hectic schedule. Get a whiter smile without interrupting your everyday routine.
  • Beautiful Results: Our teeth whitening treatments will produce obvious effects. Prepare to show off your brighter, more confident smile!

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Columbus, OH?

Longing for a radiant, pearly-white smile is a common desire, yet the financial aspect of teeth whitening often remains unclear. Below are mentioned the various types of teeth whitening procedures along with how much they will affect your pocket.

Professional In-Office Whitening

For individuals seeking quick and effective results, professional whitening performed by a dentist is the gold standard. Prices for in-office teeth whitening normally varies between $500 and $1,000 for each treatment. The cost includes the use of powerful bleaching chemicals in conjunction with laser activation, assuring quick and impressive results.

Dentist-Prescribed Take-Home Kits

Dentist-prescribed take-home kits are designed for convenience and efficacy, providing professional-grade whitening from the comfort of your own home. Expect to spend between $100 and $400 on such a kit, with results taking weeks to months.

Over-the-Counter Products

Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments available at pharmacies are a less expensive option for those on a tight budget. Strips, gels, and pens are commonly priced between $5 and $50. However, it is important to note that while some solutions take a milder approach, their efficacy may result in less obvious outcomes.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare

Maintaining the brilliant whiteness of your teeth after whitening may be difficult, but it does not have to be. Here are some easy suggestions to help you maintain your dazzling smile for the long term, particularly within the first 48 hours following your whitening session:

  • Avoid Staining Food and Drinks: Drinks such as tea and coffee can discolor your teeth.
  • Avoid dark sauces like BBQ and soy sauce, as they can also cause stains.
  • Limit Acidic Foods: Acidic foods like lemons, oranges, and citrus fruits can erode enamel and dim a white smile.
  • Skip Dark Chocolate: Avoid dark chocolate since its high pigment content might discolor teeth.
  • Brush Twice Daily: To keep your teeth dazzling, brush them twice a day using whitening toothpaste.
  • Floss Frequently: Include flossing in your regular dental care practice to eliminate plaque and avoid discoloration between teeth.
  • Rinse After Eating: To avoid stains, properly rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking.
  • Don't neglect your monthly dental check-ups, since expert cleanings may help you keep your brilliant smile.
  • Consider Quitting Smoking: If you're a smoker, quitting can help you keep your freshly bright smile and improve overall dental health.

Contact Capitol Square Dental for a Bright Smile in Columbus, OH

If you're ready to enhance your smile with professional teeth whitening in Columbus, OH, contact Capitol Square Dental to schedule a consultation. Our expert dental staff is devoted to assisting you in achieving the smile of your dreams in a safe and effective manner. We are excited to help you recover confidence in your smile!


What is the best method to whiten teeth?

Opting for in-office bleaching offers the fastest method for achieving whiter teeth. During an in-office bleaching session, the whitening solution is directly applied to the teeth. This procedure may involve the use of heat, a specialized light, or a laser in conjunction with the whitening product. Remarkable results become evident after just a single 30- to 60-minute treatment.

What Can Be Done to Whiten Yellow Teeth?

If you're seeking a dramatic transformation in the color of your teeth, professional-grade whitening is essential for achieving remarkable results. Your cosmetic dentist offers treatments designed to deeply penetrate the enamel, effectively eliminating years of stains using potent bleaching agents.

Can teeth whitening damage teeth?

Excessive harshness in teeth whitening techniques or chemicals might cause harm to your teeth. This danger is mostly caused by two factors: dryness of the teeth and loss of essential nutrients such as calcium.